Not a thing

I feel nothing. i’m not depressed, nor happy, i just am, just existing. i give valuable time to stuff that don’t matter. I guess i have difficulty finding what i like and what i don’t because i can’t feel stuff right. My mind and heart are always playing with me, making me feel like i desire something when in fact i don’t. It’s like they want to make me miserable. making me believe that i finally found something worth enough for me to give it time. but they always take it back from me and then again i’m all alone with heavy thoughts. But then again when it happens, am i feeling sad? angry? disappointed? can’t tell. I guess i’m not happy about it but i don’t feel depressed. I just…i don’t know, take the hit. In a way, i guess i’m comfortable in my « not-feeling-shit » thing, i’m never on the extremes of the emotion scale. it kind of protects me i guess. but in any case, i’d still like to feel more. Or do I ?


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