The loss

oh stop being so blue

the sky has been gray for so long

I don’t know how long i’ll been gone

but i won’t be too long


how heavy are you feeling?

im drifting in the wind

I was in a way so wicked

how low is the sky?

could you pass me by?


and now i’m asking all these questions

like I know how to answer them

oh keep it off of me

I know it’s not like it used to be

i’m no fool, well a bit

but how much is a bit?
a lot


I got these round sunglasses

so i could see fairly

these fairies you’ve been seeing all around

saying how bad they could change your life


and here we are under this building

acting all up like we’re some kind of universe

waiting for the window to bursts

we felt it and it was great

that’s the only thing i can’t regret


I know we all die alone

cheesy but it’s risky

don’t let me be me

change me

like you did to yourself


change me into something you don’t want me to be

how can you be so pretty?

when all you were was an entity just hoping to be saved

i’ve lost count of the many times i’ve missed

missed how it used to be

i don’t wanna soud edgy but I do

it makes that sound when i forget about you

we’re not one in a million everybody forgot about us two



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