I wrote this in like 15 minutes while watching a movie on netflix (actually I wrote two)
It’s written as a song, there should be more work to be done on it but I just like it as drafty as it is. Might work on it later on. So here goes;

I just can’t help it

I can’t stop talking about me

oh look i’m so glad im a failure

ask me stuff I won’t be honest


« you can be anything »

yeah well fuck you

I don’t want you to be anything else than you

please don’t leave me too


you were always gonna do your own thing

yeah I stole that line from a film

see how predictable you are

you’re still gone but you went too far


I wish I could play guitar

gosh I can still see your car

on the other side of the street

but then it’s gone, yeah it’s gone


i’d play the chords all night long

whishing for you to hear it

to see how I can be a poet

but I was so little to you


you thought you had it all figured out

but details slipped out of your mind

what if your prince didn’t want you?

don’t you believe in destiny?


Oh and outside it’s a mess

you only want to breathe fresh air

but you don’t breath you just inhale

plus it doesn’t even make you feel fuzzy

have you ever been in a hurry?


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