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How am i supposed to react? Idk but what i do know is that the manner i did isn’t the way i should have. it shouldnt hurt me that much. In the end, thats what i wanted, its just hard to see people changing and becoming the one they said they’d never be. Fuck y’all go lie to someone else, go make promises to someone else go on and continue to tell lies to yourself. You’re doing it wrong, open your eyes you dont know what you are doing. Whatever im intoxicated and it feels right i know its wrong but it feels right and what you feel isnt necessarily what it actually is fuck im missing the whole movie im watching im gonna take another shot, just to make sure that the pain gets numb good. I didnt andwer you, i dont know how i could have. I dont want to be with you but still youre the only one that ever loved all of my flaws and its hard to see that im getting pushed away even tho thatd what i want, ight i know im in-comprehensive but in any case ill survive oups wait its time for another dhot. Jai juste le gout de repondre « fuck off » sauf it would be innapropriate. I mean after all the paragraphs you wrote. Oh shit jviens de te repondre pis la mon coeur vat vite shit si tinsiste jva jusye te dire dequoi dneutre jte dirais pas sque jfeel vrm jte dirais pas qlive jtun peu chaud a boire dla vodka pis me demander sque jva faire de ma peau.


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