I hated loving you

You gave me love but never hope

I tried so hard to let you go

You slipped, i fell, you were under my spell

Good thing love only hurts

Cause with me you’d have died a thousand times

Unspoken truth, unbroken mind

Let’s pretend and leave it all behind

As if no rain had fall, as if not hearth had brawl

Im unfocused and unarmed

Trying to forge a (future)

I had a dream where you were you, nothing was changed it was just so blue

While reaching my hand you just slipped away and my ungrateful self cried for yesterday

To that day where he felt noxious, anxious and gray

Oh god, how he felt this way

For the longest time it hurt him so bad

I am the kid that tried to hard

I am the one that gave you my all

I am the one who felt so right

I am the one who made you right

Don’t get me wrong i know it’s all our fault

You had to give it all and i couldn’t take it

i’m sorry i had to be me, i shouldn’t have been an enemy.


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